What the hell is "Firefox"?


Mozilla Firefox is a much better web browser than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer (IE) may have come pre-loaded on your computer, but you're in no way required to use the mediocre software. Firefox is not only faster and more powerful, but it's more secure as well. In the year of 2006, there were (supposing everyone kept IE up to date) 284 days that Internet Explorer wasn't secure. Firefox? Only nine days. With Firefox, you are immune to ActiveX exploits, and far less susceptible to other "drive-by" attacks. In addition to security benefits, there are plenty of usability features as well.


For starters, Firefox loads renders web pages faster than IE, saving you significant amounts of time, whether you have dial-up or broadband. You get tabbed browsing, which allows you to have multiple web pages open in a single window, saving you from taskbar clutter (as well as making it easier for you to switch among the open pages). You can also


* Read RSS feeds


* Toss your cookies, history, and cache effortlessly, hiding your browsing tracks


* Install add-ons (also called "Extensions") to enhance your browsing experience


* Change the way Firefox looks with themes.


You'll have to put up with a lot less web annoyances with Firefox. When you surf the web with Firefox, there are less pop-ups, no websites disabling your Back button or resizing your window, and no spyware hijacking your home page. If you install an ad-blocking extension, you can even get rid of banner ads.


What about your bookmarks (or Favorites) and saved passwords? When you install Firefox, you're given the option of copying them into Firefox. You won't lose a thing. If you're still having trouble deciding, remember that you can use both browsers at once. At least try Firefox out for a couple of days. There's a good chance you like it (once you get used to the subtle differences). If not, you can just uninstall Firefox.


As a final note, you'll be doing the web a favor by using Firefox. You'll be using a web browser that fully supports the w3C web standards (which IE doesn't), and you will be one less person propping-up Microsoft's oligopoly on web browsers. What are you waiting for? Download Firefox!


For example, this is just one of the skins you can use in firefox. Theres hundreds available on the mozilla plugins page...


firefox screenshot


And lovely interesting internet explorer...


ie7 screenshot